Monday, January 19, 2015

{Real Madrid Soccer Party}

I have been doing parties for this beautiful family for a couple of years now.  Today I'm sharing our latest and probably this little man's last birthday since he's turning 12 and is probably getting too old for huge parties.  That said, his mom still wanted to create a small area to display a cake and mostly desserts.  We had already created a soccer party for him two years ago, so this time around he chose a different team and with that we had a completely different palette.  He's a huge fan of the Real Madrid team, so we created a simple yet cool dessert table and background fit for a pre-teen little guy.

We used artificial grass as our background and framed it with two tall balloon columns.  A banner with our team colors hanged at the middle.

This table was smaller than our usual displays, but it turned out fantastic with these colors.  Grass mats were used to display several of our desserts, including chocolate covered oreos, sugar cookies, brownies, nutella cheesecakes and french macarons.  The cake was, as always, our center point along chocolate cupcakes with soccer ball toppers.

Design, Paperie & Styling: Partylicious
Cake and cupcakes: Jovanna Valentín
Desserts: Sugar Bliss by Mari
Balloons: Johanna Padín ~GloboArte

{Secret Agent Birthday}

A Secret Agent birthday for a little boy who wants to by a Spy.  We decided on a tech color palette of red, black, white and silver.

The background is one of my favorite items of this party.  A cool secret agent is hanging from the ceiling evading red laser beams and looking at his secret mission folder.  Balloons by GloboArte framed the area alongside two tall columns with our birthday boy's age.

As always a dessert table is a must, and this one turned out very cool and delicious.  Desserts by Sugar Bliss by Mari were displayed along a fantastic cake and cupcakes designed by Jovanna Valentín.  Kids and adults nibbled on mustache and sun glass shaped cookies, french macarons, brownies, coconut macaroons and the usual candy favorites.

Guests received goody bags and lanyards with a secret agent card.


Paperie & Styling: Partylicious
Balloons: Johanna Padín ~ GloboArte
Desserts: Sugar Bliss by Mari
Cake & Cupcakes: Jovanna Valentín ~Jovadiel Party Shop