Tuesday, August 11, 2015

{Ballerina Carousel Birthday}

This party is just a dream.  From the color scheme to the tablecloths and flowers.  I had this theme requested by a new customer and it was a joy to create and style this gorgeous celebration.

We wanted to incorporate both themes in a subtle way by focusing mainly on the colors and textures.  We used rosette tablecloths, fresh flowers, drapery and balloons to create a setting we haven't used before at Partylicious.

The backdrop was created by my friend Johanna Padín.  Twenty five feet of fabric, two gold balloon columns and a balloon grid with a ballerina frame in the center.

I wanted to feature the cake separately, so I decided on a round table for the cake and two small rectangular tables for the dessert bar, twelve feet of sweetness!

The majestic cake by Mary at The Cake Factory was our centerpiece. Three tiers in pink and blue featuring all of our party icons.  Amazing detail and craftsmanship.  The cupcakes were amazing too with their fondant toppers.

My dessert table featured the usual favorites: candy such as gumballs, jelly beans, almond kisses, strawberry puffs, lollipops and rock candy.  The desserts by Sugar Bliss completed our display with strawberry cheesecake, chocolate covered marshmallows, french macarons, macaroons, brownies and ballerina slipper cookies that were embellished with ribbon.  Deliciousness and cuteness all around.

The centerpieces were my personal favorite.  I created two different styles using hydrangeas, pink titanic roses and carnations, and added details to carry on with our theme.

A beautiful party for baby Valentina.