Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Birthdays: {Disney Infinity & LEGO Movie}

How do you mix two different, unrelated themes into one great birthday celebration?  I had to do just that for two adorable brothers turning 6 and 7 years old who love Disney Infinity video game and LEGO Movie. The key to my design? Colors!  Since there is no way to mix all of these characters into one cohesive design, we used color to tie up both sides of the table.  Resulting in an amazing display of desserts and candy.

Each boy got to have his own themed cake by Jovanna Valentín, themed cookies by Merari's Pastry, and even their own balloon decorations (by Johanna Padín) with their favorite characters, making them pretty satisfied customers. Desserts included jell-o cups, chocolate mousse, cheesecake brownies and cupcakes.  Usual candy favorites such as jelly beans, gumballs and kisses.  Personalized lollipops, cupcake toppers d dessert labels with all the characters also helped bring these two themes together.

Styling and Stationary: Partylicious
Cakes, cupcakes & desserts: Jovanna Valentín ~ Jovadiel Party Shop
Desserts and cookies: Merari's Pastry

Balloons: Johanna Padín ~ GloboArte