Monday, April 12, 2010

Other Projects

Scrapbooking has been a little hobby of mine since I got married...ahem... 11 years ago (yikes! has it really been that long?... ;) yes indeed!) My first project was our honeymoon album. Since then, even though I've purchased tons of paper, stickers, embellishments, etc... I've done only a few projects. However, for the past couple of years, I've tried to listen more to my creative side and before long I was doing little projects... birthday cards, christmas cards, you name it! I even purchased my Cricut and that's when I really got back into it. Here are some of my most relevant projects:

Greeting card:

Baby Shower Invitations...

Menus for a wine tasting at our restaurant.  I love glitter paper!

Placecards for my dear friend's wedding:

Looking back... Our baby's Christening

For our baby's Christening, we prepared little treat boxes filled with almonds. Family and friends received personalized favors to remember such important occasion. Thanks to my good friend Elsy for all your help!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Looking back... Baby's Monkey 1st Birthday

I'm already planning my baby's second birthday. I know, it's three months away, but for me it's never too early to start gathering ideas and start making things. Starting early makes a birthday full of little details.

So before I keep researching Robots, I thought I might share a few photos of Mauricio's Mokey 1st Birthday.

Since there are not many premade monkey-themed birthday supplies, everything was handmade. Favor bags were personalized and filled with age appropiate goodies. Baby guests got banana baby food, little spoons with tags, Gerber chewey fruit snacks, cookies and monkey beanie babies. Older kids got handmade notebooks, monkey pencils, stickers, monkey candy holders. We set up an ice cream bar with yummy toppings. Adults got specially wrapped tic-tacs. Balloon art was made by a very talented friend.

Such a great day! Looking forward to your next party!!!


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