Sunday, July 19, 2015

{Superhero Party}

I can finally share with you guys my little boy's 7th birthday party.  As always, he had chosen his theme many months ago and I was really excited to create his long awaited Superhero Party.  This has been a very popular theme lately so I wanted to incorporate several of my favorite things while focusing on vintage characters and pop art just to make it our own.  I started planning this party back in December when I found four prints of comic book covers and superheroes.  That's when I decided I wanted the comic book feel.

I have researched for months and months and decided on creating my own comic book invitation, personalized for his party.  I used comic strips, character images  and clipart from Cutesiness to create our incredible invitation.

Our main table turned out incredible!  I designed a black and white skyline backdrop and had it printed in 8' x 8', perfect for our space and our table size.  We also made the speech bubbles and sound effect elements to attach to the backdrop.

The cake was amazing all on its own.  Two tiers of pure comic book action, complete with elements from all of our star superheroes.

Our desserts and candy containers were full of delicious treats for everyone.  Strawberry Cheesecake French macarons, Hulk rice crispy treats, brownies in star candy cups, chocolate covered marshmallows, lemon raspberry tarts, chocolate covered Oreos and the always favorite of my guests, lemon cheesecakes all by Sugar Bliss, and amazing cookies by Cookies by Suehery. Candy favorites were also displayed on our table: kisses, gumballs, sixlets, rock candy, Superhero Pez dispensers, and my favorite,  Rolos bombs!

I also set up a kid's table which was a focal point of the party.  I decided on a white and black polka dot table runner to carry the pop art element of the design.  The centerpieces were black buildings, framed comic book covers and Mauricio's own superhero figure collection. Each guest received a gable box personalized with their name and their favorite superhero.  The boxes were filled with coloring books and crayons, superhero socks, tattoos, erasers, stickers, dog tags, lanyards for the boys.  The girl's boxes included Wonder Woman vintage buttons, rings and bracelets, nail polish, socks and coloring books.  Also every kid would get their own superhero cake and mask!

Outside I set up a photo booth station for the kids to show their superhero poses with their capes.  They also enjoyed a beautiful sunny day at the pool.

We served water, juice and snacks for the kids and passion fruit sangria for adults.  Everyone enjoyed all of my little boy's favorite foods.

We had an amazing time with our closest friends and family and we are so very grateful to be able to celebrate one more year of our amazing little boy.

Planning, design and styling: Partylicious
Cake and cupcakes: Jovanna Valentín
Desserts: Sugar Bliss by Mari
Cookies: Cookies by Suehery
Cupcake towers: Oriental Trading
Favor boxes: PaperMart
Paper bags, straws, balloon, wooden spoons: Shop Sweet Lulu