Monday, February 14, 2011

{Peace...Love...8 } : A Hippie Chick Birthday


So with this new birthday theme, I had a whole new challenge:  turning store bought birthday supplies into something unique.  My client wanted to use the Hippie Chick theme from Birthday Express which I thing is just adorable and perfect for her 8 year old! 

Photo taken from
 So first, the invitations.  We wanted to adapt one that I already designed for my niece's birthday.  But to make it coordinate with the rest of the theme, I designed the bottom border to resemble the patterns found in the balloons and the napkins!

I also used the same idea to customize the labels for the candy buffet.... 

Centerpiece "lollipops" would be used in floral arrangements...

The banner and favor boxes...

Cake, cupcakes and cookies by a local vendor {Little Cupcake Shop} completed the look of the main table.

As always, really happy of the outcome.  I'm still missing a few pictures, which I'll post as soon as I can!

Next up: {Princess Birhthday}!!!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Girly 1st Birthday

Hey, I'm back!  I've been kinda busy with all the hype and the projects for these past and upcoming weeks.  yay!  So today I'm taking little break from all that to show you my my latest project.

A {Girly 1st Birthday} for the sweetest and girliest little girl!  It was all about butterflies, birds and flowers in pink, lime and white.  Since it was a busy weekend for me, I wasn't able to setup the dessert table.  But Lorena's mom did a great job at it! 

So here are a few photos of all the details we made for this cute theme...

The invitation is another version of the one from my Turtle Baby Shower.  We modified the inside portion to the likes of the baby's mom.

As always, the banner is one of my favorite things. This one had all the theme icons: birds, butterflies, flowers, and of course, the number 1. I created labels for paper cups, water bottles and decorations for the paper plates. I even created covers for the party blowers.

Another cute detail was the birthday girl's hat.  It was my first time doing one of these.  Came out pretty good, right?

The final product.... Although I wasn't able to be ther to set up the tables, everything came out just as I had envisioned!  They did a great job!!!

The kid's table...

Stay tuned for more cute events...!