Monday, October 29, 2012

{Little Sailor Bear 1st Birthday}

Hello my sweet friends!

This is the second party I decorate for this family.  The first one was her Baby Shower; now her little boy turns 1!  She loves anything Nautical, so we decided to carry the teddy bear theme from her Baby Shower into Nicolás' 1st Birthday, creating our Little Sailor Bear but incorporating sailboats and other nautical elements.  I found the little bear graphics at MyGrafico by BabyStar Design.

My vision was a sailboat as main focus, so, again, I partnered with Johanna from GloboArte to create the amazing table setup: a table that looks like a sailboat!  Of course, we had to have balloons so she created an anchor, fish, a little crab and a #1 to frame the beautiful table.  I also created the banner hanging from the sail, dessert labels and the incredible table centerpieces.

We served traditional local sweets along with delicious sailboat sugar cookies and white, red and blue candy.  The cake is from the amazing Wanda González (who else?!)... simply spectacular!

Enjoy the beautiful pics!




Party styling, stationary and paper products: Partylicious
Cake: Wanda González
Balloons: Johanna Padín ~ GloboArte
Sweets: Chami's Sweets (local vendor)
Cookies: Sugar Cookies by Peggy
Photography: Carol Colón ~Partylicious


  1. Hi Carol:
    I like your blog, is very interesting and beautiful. I have an award for you in my blog:


  2. Hi, I love this party, especially the invitations - they are so sweet. I have included your party in my nautical round up over at Little Handmade Party Company. x

  3. Hi Carol, I love this party; you rocked it. We're doing a sea bash for my grandson's 2nd birthday party and I would love to recreate this sailboat table (our colors will be aqua, orange, lime green and royal blue). Could you please share how you put the table together? Can the instructions be found on the internet? What is the sail made of; what did you use to hang the sail and how did you attach it to the table? Whatever it is where can I get one from and is that a rectangle table with a round tablecloth?

    Sorry for all the questions; I NEED that sailboat table in my grandson's 2nd birthday party, lol. Just think, I was going to do a sea life backdrop for our dessert table; I ' m glad I found your blog;

    Thank you for the inspiration.


    1. Hello Lorraine!

      I hope I'm on time to answer your questions! This table was very simple to make. We used a steel rod attached to a base to create the mast for our sail. The sail is actually plastic table runners that come in a roll. We cut a rectangle of this and simply taped it on the sail. You can certainly use striped fabric if you can find it. The part that is attached to the table was stapled. We used a rectangular table with a round tablecloth.

      Hope your party turns out great! Good luck!

    2. Thank you Carol. Your response was not too late because the party was canceled. We're doing it for his 3rd birthday March 2016; so I have plenty of time to figure it out. So the steel rod is attached to a steel base and it's attached to the table ( like a clamp) or is the base on the floor? Where did you get the rod and base and what where the size/measurement of the rod and base if you can remember? I keep looking at the picture and your response to get a better understanding I wish I had pics in different angle to see better.