Tuesday, November 3, 2015

{Tractor Party}

This party is very close to my heart since it was created and styled for my littlest nephew's 5th birthday.  He is into all things construction and trucks.  So we suggested a tractor party to make it somewhat different from last year's construction party.  He owns his own toy John Deere tractor so it was an easy way to decide on a green and yellow tractor party featuring his very own tractor.

The most adorable cake by Jovanna Valentín adorned our table along with lovely and clever desserts by Sugar Bliss (the birthday boy's mom) and candy favorites of our birthday boy.  Check out the rice krispy hay bales atop their own cargo platform.  And what about the cookies! Lovely! Other treats included brownies, popcorn, caramels, watermelon gumballs, cheesecakes, and peanut butter candy bars.  

Some of the decor included tissue pom poms, a custom banner, pinwheels, dessert tags and signs and lovely centerpieces.  Burlap tablecloths and real hay bales gave this setting a very farm-like look.

Kids received their own personalized gable box full of candy and party favors along with baseball caps.  They enjoyed a bouncy house and played soccer all afternoon.

An adorable and perfect party for a beautiful little boy! 


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