Sunday, May 27, 2012

{Jessie Toy Story Birthday}

Howdy partner! 

This cute party I created for my goddaughter and her little sister.  I always say this, but this one turned awesome!!  The party was held on a nearby Hacienda and the kids got to ride ponies and tractors!  How cool is that?

The candy bar centerpiece was the huge Woody piñata.  Yes, folks, that's a piñata!  The candy was stuffed on the green box below Hamm!  The fabulous piñata was crated by our friend Denise.  You may have seen her work previously in this blog on our Princess Birthday.

The centerpieces were silver buckets with yellow daisies!

We crated a photo area for the kids with real hay, cow rug, burlap and a wooden Jessie cut out prop!

Look at this fantastic cake!  Created by my great designer Wanda González.  All characters except Jessie, Woody and Bullseye are fondant.

Balloons by Johanna from Globo Arte decorated the rest of the space and since this party was for two little girls, each got a wheelbarrow for their gifts.


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