Sunday, July 14, 2013

Birthdays: {Robot Party}

Today I'm really excited to share with you my little boy's Robot Party.  Ever since Mauricio turned two I've wanted to throw a robot themed party.  I was finally able to convince him now that he was turning 5.  And let me tell you... he was really excited and mama was thrilled! So I've been researching ideas for a couple of years now and here is what I came up with.

For the clip art, I wanted something cute and not really retro looking. So I designed Mauricio's own little robot in blue with red, orange and silver as my palette.  As for the rest of the design elements, I didn't want to be limited, so I went with lots of color.  For the invitation I used metal CD cases as a box.  I added silver gears as confetti to give them a little extra, as well as some glitter.

Now, this dessert table was a lot of fun to put together.  I wanted a simple backdrop, so I used actual galvanized sheet metal and nailed them my wall. Yes, I know, a little crazy, but the hubs was really awesome and went with it.  The look was completed by colorful gears and a birthday banner.  Two robots completed the look of my table.  One made out of cardboard boxes and the other one is an actual piñata which I made myself!  A huge hit with both kids and adults!

My trusty cake designer Jovanna used my robot as inspiration and created this fantastic cake.  It was perfect, delicious and the kids were mesmerized by it!  We offered lots and lots of candy and desserts.  Noemí from Pastry Gallery created delicious cream and mandarin parfaits, chocolated covered marshmallows, robot chocolate covered Oreos, whoopie pies.  We also had the cutest sugar robot cookies by Peggy Pérez and delicious lemon french macarons by Merari Tossas.  The rest of the candy were all of kid's favorites: skittles, kisses, fun size chocolate bars with customized labels, M&Ms, gumballs, sweet pop corn and jelly beans.

The favor boxes were a lot of fun to make.  They were filled with robot themed toys: erasers, robot rings, wind-up robots, mini grabber hands and crayons in these little containers from Polka Dot Market which I personalized.

I found some awesome ideas online for several crafts.  So I created this cutlery robot out of milk and coffee cans. I also embellished a napkin holder and even hand stamped dessert napkins.  Other decorative elements included signs, water and soda labels and my usual striped straws with flags.

The centerpieces are ceramic jelly bean jars that I was lucky to find at Marshall's!  I created a third centerpiece with a large #5 and silver gears.

It was so much fun to create this party.  Everything was perfect... The kids enjoyed a perfect sunny day at the pool and water slide, and a huge rainbow at the end of the evening.  Lots of good food and sweet friends!



Stationary and clipart: Partylicious
Cake and cupcakes: Jovanna Valentín ~ Jovadiel Party Shop
Desserts: Noemí Nieves ~ Pastry Gallery
Macarons: Merari Tossas
Cookies: Peggy Pérez
Paper supplies: Shop Sweet Lulu
Crayon dispensers: Polda Dot Market
Photography: Carol Colón


  1. Carol!! This is FABULOUS!!! Love all of it- and I am crazy about the little robot boxes!! And the cake!! Wow!

  2. Every last detail of this party is amazing, I love it! The two robots either side of the food table are awesome...what a great idea!

  3. hello from the UK!
    I LOVE your robot party. By far the best robot themed party I've seen on the internet (I've searched 100's believe me!). do you sell your clip art to print off at home? Also how did you do/cut the big cogs that were on your backdrop (sorry papercraft isn't as big over here so haven't been able to find anything like it).
    thank you so much for all of the photos and inspiration.

  4. How would someone go about reproducing the banner, cogs, thank you tags? Do you sell the reproduction?

  5. How would someone go about reproducing the banner, cogs, thank you tags? Do you sell the reproduction?

    1. Hello Marie, you can find my {Robot Party} printables at